Chairman’s Corner

September 2021

Please click on the video below as POA Chairman Dr. Chadi Nabhan offers a look inside this fall edition of the Caris Connection e-newsletter. In this issue, we highlight six new podcasts, a case study and follow-up quiz on “TNBC tumors tested by DNA and RNA sequencing,” a recent webinar featuring “Current Liquid Biopsy Limitations and Opportunities for Diagnostics Evolution,”, and much, much more. I hope you enjoy this latest edition of the Caris Connection e-newsletter and I look forward to your feedback.

Articles in this issue:

  • Know Your Investigator – Video interview with Dr. Balazs Halmos, Montefiore Medical Center

  • POA Institution SpotlightMoores Cancer Center at the University of California San Diego

  • Caris Scientific Advances – Webinar: “Current Liquid Biopsy Limitations”

  • Quarterly Insights – Case Study: TNBC tumors tested by DNA and RNA sequencing / Quiz

  • Caris Connection Survey – Tell us what you’d like to see in future issues

  • Molecular Minute Podcasts – New interviews:
    –  Guest: Dr. Igor Astsaturov / Topic: Molecular Tumor Boards
    –  Guest: Dr. Elisabeth Heath / Topic: Top Abstracts in GU oncology from ASCO 2021
    –  Guest: Dr. Charu Aggarwal / Topic: Top thoracic data and abstracts from ASCO 2021
    –  Guest: Dr. Shaalan Beg / Topic: Top GI data and abstracts from ASCO 2021
    –  Guest: Dr. Trisha Wise-Draper / Topic: Advances in head and neck cancers
    –  Guest: Dr. Neeraj Agarwal / Topic: Genomic profiling and sequencing in GU malignancies

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Dr. Chadi Nabhan

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