December 2021

Articles in this issue:

  • Know Your Investigator – Interview with Dr. Daniel M. Geynisman – Fox Chase Cancer Center.

  • POA Institution Spotlight – Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

  • Caris Scientific Advances – A inside look at Caris’ upcoming liquid biopsy assay.

  • Quarterly Insights – CMTB Case Study: 57-year old patient with metastatic extrahepatic bile duct cancer.

  • Molecular Minute Podcasts – New interviews:
    –  Guest: Dr. Salma Jabbour / Topic: Radiation Oncology.
    –  Guest: David Dubin / Topic: 3-time Cancer Survivor and Lynch Syndrome Advocate. 
    –  Guest: Stephanie Graff / Topic: Advances in Breast Cancer.

  • NEW POA Kits – Order your free kit comprised of materials to help familiarize you with the many tools and resources here at Caris available to support you and your practice.

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