December 2022

Articles in this issue:

  • Know Your Investigator – Interview with Dr. Hossein Borghaei – Fox Chase Cancer Center | Temple Health

  • Institution Spotlight – Fox Chase Cancer Center | Temple Health

  • Caris Scientific Advances – Interview with Dr. George Sledge, EVP and CMO at Caris Life Sciences

  • Quarterly Insights – Case Study: A 36-year old patient with metastatic NUT midline carcinoma, presenting as a squamous call carcinoma of the trachea

  • Molecular Minute Podcasts – New interviews:
    –  Guest: Dr. Soo Park / Topic: Cutaneous Oncology and Precision Medicine
    –  Guest: Sarah Wyman & Kathryn Simon / Topic: Advance Practice Providers in Oncology Care
    –  Guest: Dr. Milan Radovich / Topic: The Future of Precision Oncology

  • Caris In the News
    – Dr. George Sledge joins Caris Life Sciences as CMO
    – Caris POA Welcomes Six New Members:
      • Indiana University • St. Luke’s University • University of Tennessee •
      • Virginia Commonwealth University • University of Iowa • Cleveland Clinic •
    –  Recap: 2022 SABCS and the Caris POA
    –  Caris Life Sciences Named 2022 Arizona Bioscience Company of the Year