March 2023

Articles in this issue:

  • Know Your Investigator – Interview with Dr. Sourat Darabi, Hoag Family Cancer Institute

  • Institution Spotlight – Hoag Family Cancer Institute

  • Caris Scientific Advances – Interview with Dr. Robert Coleman, Chief Scientific Officer at US Oncology
    Topic: HRD – Why it’s important, what it means, therapy diagnostic implications, and an overview of the assay available at Caris Life Sciences.

  • Quarterly Insights – Case Study: A patient with dual primary cancers presenting as both locally advanced Stage IIIA Duodenal Adenocarcinoma and Stage IV Small Bowel GIST with peritoneal metastases.

  • Molecular Minute Podcasts – New interviews:
    –  Guest: Dr. Premal Thaker / Topic: GYN Malignancies
    –  Guest: Dr. Kristen Spencer / Topic: Top Abstracts from ASCO GI 2023
    –  Guest: Tiffany McConathy / Topic: Plea for Pediatric Cancer
    –  Guest: Dr. Bishoy Faltas / Topic: Advances in Bladder Cancer Research

  • Caris POA In the News
    – Upcoming 9th Annual Caris POA Molecular Summit Meeting – ASCO 2023
    – NEW in 2023: Community Oncology POA Working Group
    – 2 New members join the alliance
    Caris POA Recognizes Incoming and Departing Chairs